Demolition Contractor Islamorada FL LPS

LPS Marine Contracting is the best demolition company in Islamorada. We specialize in work along the Florida waterfront, especially right here in the Keys including Key Largo, Marathon, Big Pine, Key West, the Lower Keys, and of course Islamorada. If you need to find a demolition contractor in Islamorada, FL, call LPS Marine Contracting for reliable results.

Demolition Contractor: Islamorada, FL

LPS Marine Contracting is proud to be the premier demolition contractor in Islamorada, FL. We have the experience needed to successfully coordinate and complete any type of job, including commercial, industrial, and residential projects. Our clients include business owners, private citizens, and government entities. We approach every job we do with the same professionalism, dependability, and commitment to quality.

Demolition Contractor for Hurricane Recovery

In the aftermath of a hurricane, a lot of work is needed to clear the way for rebuilding. LPS is the company to call for any hurricane recovery and restoration project. After Hurricane Irma, we helped more businesses than any other company in the state. Call us today to learn more.

Islamorada, FL: LPS Marine Contracting

We don’t just do demolition! LPS is a fully licensed and insured general contractor experienced in every kind of work along the commercial and residential waterfront. Whether you need a dock, a seawall, piling, dredging, electrical, plumbing, or underground utilities, we are the company to call!

Everyone who works for us has the skill and experience needed to do this work safely and responsibly. In addition, our insurance qualifies us to do any type of work on the water or over it, so no matter what you need done, you’ll be fully covered and protected.

If you need to find a demolition contractor in Islamorada, FL, call us today at (305) 240-9882 or submit your quote request now.