Marine Construction Experts

Marine Construction

  • Dredging

    With our cutting-edge technology, we are able to dredge up to 10x more accurately, efficiently, and faster than other companies using traditional dredging methods. We use excavators outfitted with state-of-the-art global positioning system instruments calibrated with real time elevations, tidal datum, and survey boundaries to make sure that your dredging project goes as smooth as possible with the best possible end result.

  • Docks

    We install and repair docks of all shapes and sizes. From 900 slip marinas to residential docks and piers. No project is too big or small for us to handle. We have extensive experience in the construction of both concrete and timber docks. We also install custom finish carpentry at the option of our clients using synthetic decking and grating to give you the custom look that you deserve.

  • Pile Installation

    We install and remove CCA treated timber, timberguard, pin piles, prestressed concrete piles. With the latest technology in pile driving installation we can install 20+ pilings a day with a single crew. Far surpassing our competitors and making us the ideal marine contractor for commercial projects or any project with a tight schedule.

  • Seawalls

    We are the leading installer of steel seawalls in Monroe County. Although we specialize in steel sheeting installation, we are also very experienced in both concrete and vinyl sea wall installations.

  • Shoreline Restoration and Stabilization

    We install rip rap revetment and retaining walls made up of vinyl, concrete, and steel in order to armor shorelines and protect them from erosion and damage from storms.

    We carry United States Longshoreman’s and Jones Act insurance as well as Inland Marine insurance.

Earthwork and Excavation by LPS Contracting

Earthwork and Excavation

We perform all aspects of site work including, but not limited to demolition, excavation for foundations, trenching, building pads, rough grading, fine grading, pavement preparation, and drainage.

Marine Construction Experts


We are experienced in coordinating and completing the demolition of residential, commercial, and industrial sites. Including private, commercial, and government contracts. We carry United States Longshoreman’s and Jones Act insurance as well as Inland Marine insurance. With these insurance additives, we are also able to complete demolition on or over U.S. navigable waters.

Marine Construction Experts

Underground Utilities

We can complete any and all facets of your utility project. We have 25 years’ experience in the utility industry. Ranging from water main, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, fiber, telecommunications, oil, natural gas, and directional drilling. We commonly complete private and public projects throughout the United States.

Marine Construction Experts

Army Corp and FDEP Engineering/Permitting Services Offered.