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LPS Marine Contracting is the best dock contractor in Marathon, FL. We can install and repair any size or style of dock, and we work with both residential and commercial clients. If you need a dock contractor in Marathon, FL, call LPS!

Dock Contractor Marathon, FL

LPS Contracting has been constructing and installing docks for many years now, and we are also experienced in installing custom features such as synthetic decking. We know how to design a dock for a specific purpose such as swimming, diving, or storing a boat, whether small or large. No other dock building company in Marathon has more experience than we do!

Dock Building Company Marathon, FL

LPS is the number one dock building company in Marathon or anywhere in the Florida Keys, and we have the experience to help with any aspect of your construction project, from regulations to design questions.

For example, we can help you with the application process for a dock-building permit from the state of Florida, or for written permission if no permit is required. Complying with regulations can be a major source of stress, but with LPS helping it’s no problem at all.

We can also make sure your dock is designed to withstand a major storm. Here in Marathon, FL, the risk of a hurricane is simply a fact of life. After Hurricane Irma, LPS helped more businesses recover than any other contractor, and we have a lot of experience in dealing with storm damage. We know how to design your dock to minimize the risk from high winds and water.

LPS Marine Contracting

LPS Contracting is a fully licensed and insured general contractor. If you need a dock contractor in Marathon, FL, call us today at (305) 240-9882 or submit your quote request now.