Project Details

The Postcard Inn Marina and Resort is one of the many nice resorts Islamorada has to offer. Whether you’re on vacation here, overlooking the ocean on Celebration Island or just visiting the Tiki Bar. Our company was ready take on this project to reconstruct this marina after Hurricane Irma hit. Our goal was to get the marina back to its full potential for all to visit for many years to come! The work consisted of removing old pilings and piers and inserting new mooring piles, adding finger piers, removing Hurricane Irma debris in the water, installing earth anchors tie backs for the seawall, repairing rip rap, fixing the retaining walls on top of the rip rap. And completing all the decking in the marina and on Celebration Island. We installed a total of 400 pilings and 30,000 square feet of decking on this project.