Seawall Contractor Islamorada FL LPS

LPS Marine Contracting is the best seawall contractor in Islamorada, FL. Seawalls are vital here in the FL Keys, as they protect the shoreline from water erosion while preventing damage to homes and businesses along the edges of the water. Seawalls are an effective way to keep high waters away from your home or business. If you’re looking for a seawall contractor in Islamorada, LPS Marine Contracting is the company to call!

Seawall Contractor: Islamorada, FL

LPS is the premier seawall contractor in Islamorada, or anywhere else in the Florida Keys. You can count on us to install a durable and reliable seawall that will protect your property from erosion for many years to come. Seawalls are especially helpful for protection from major storms such as hurricanes.

Steel Seawall Specialists

LPS Marine Contracting is experienced in the installation of steel, concrete, and vinyl seawalls. Steel seawalls are our specialty because steel is especially strong and resilient. Whatever type of seawall you want to have installed, LPS Marine Contracting is the number one seawall contractor in Islamorada, FL.

LPS Marine Contracting

At LPS Marine Contracting we do a lot more than just seawalls! LPS is a fully licensed and insured general contractor. We specialize in recovery and restoration services on the Florida waterfront. We provide dock building, dredging, piling installation, demolition, electrical, plumbing, and underground utility installation services as well as seawall contracting. If you want to see any of our previous work, just visit our website!

Clients of LPS are always fully protected on every job we do. We are qualified and insured for any contracting project on or over the water. Don’t trust your important project to an uninsured contractor!

If you’re looking for a seawall contractor in Islamorada, FL, call us today at (305) 240-9882 or submit your quote request now.