Seawall Contractor South Florida LPS

LPS Marine Contracting is the best seawall contractor in south Florida. Seawalls are an important tool for protecting the shoreline from erosion, and they also prevent damage to property located near the water’s edge. If you’re looking for a seawall contractor in south Florida, LPS Marine Contracting is the company to call!

Seawall Contractor: South Florida

LPS is the contractor of choice for any work you need done in south Florida, including Miami, Monroe County, and the FL Keys. We can build and install a reliable seawall that will last many years, cutting down on erosion and the property damage that comes with it – especially in the big storms that often strike south Florida..

Steel Seawall Specialists

Steel is a particularly good choice for a seawall because of its strength and durability. That’s why steel seawalls are our specialty here at LPS. Although we do specialize in the installation of steel seawalls, we are also experienced in installing concrete and vinyl seawalls. LPS is the premier seawall contractor in south Florida!

LPS Marine Contracting

LPS Marine Contracting is a fully licensed and insured general contractor. We specialize in recovery and restoration projects on the south Florida waterfront. We provide a wide range of different services, including dock building, dredging, piling installation, demolition, electrical, plumbing, and underground utilities as well as seawall construction and installation. If it’s on the waterfront, we can do it!

When you hire LPS to install a seawall or for any other task, you will always be fully protected. We hold the United States Longshoreman’s and Jones Act Insurance and Inland Marine Insurance, which means we are covered for any waterfront contracting project.

If you’re looking for a seawall contractor in south Florida, call us today at (305) 240-9882 or submit your quote request now.